Bite Club

 This is your life, and it's ending one moment at a time.

I know this because Masen knows this.

Masen steals a car. Not a nice car either. A beat up Cadillac the color of curdled milk, seats gone squashy as the upholstery leaks out of the cracked leather. He hurtles down the highway like a bullet from a gun and I’m trying not to think about what the fuck we’re gonna do. We have precisely thirty two minutes before the police catch on that something shady went down. I still don’t know why they had him locked away, but I’m pretty sure I blew up my house.

I don’t even remember why I did it.

“You did it to prove something,” Masen says and guns the engine.

“To who?”

“Yourself. Do you ever think about dying?” He flicks his cigarette out the window, a fire wash of sparks exploding behind us.

“A lot,” I say but he shakes his head.

We are the bright little center of the universe. 
Untouchable, infallible. 
Hurtling toward some sort of glory.

Everything else is just smoldering shit.

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  1. Thanks for the download! It is a honor to add your stories to my collection!

  2. It's so nice of you to not only offer the PDF, but to include the pics, too. Love it! Thanks so much!

    1. Pictures are worth a thousand words, yes? They do something special for the words they accompany.



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