Don't Look / No Promises

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“I didn’t know you had a bike,” she stuttered.

“Yeah, well, some chick stole my car.” He winked at her. “She jacked the tranny somewhere halfway to the ocean. It took me and the boys two days to get her back to town and it’s gonna take another two weeks to get her back up and running.”

Bella’s mouth fell open.

She clamped it shut.

“That was your car?” she asked, trying to sound surprised.

“Beauty, isn’t she?” He licked his lips and Bella wasn’t entirely convinced he was talking about the car anymore. The way he was looking at her was downright indecent. “Sold my soul for that jewel, hurts to see her treated so badly.”


  1. I'm so sad that I don't get email updates :(
    I even registered 2 email addresses.

  2. It's weird - I got an alert for chapter 3, but not 1 and 2. Anyway- I'm loving this story. Your writing is amazing. I wish more could read these words. I assume you're not posting on ffn??

  3. Comin' back to leave comments now I've figured out which fuckin' "Comment as: " to use...not that it saves me havin' to prove I'm not a robot every fuckin' time!

  4. Tryin' again to leave a comment...I am NOT a fuckin' robot *fume!* Anyway, I was thrilled to bits to see the alert(s) for this story, even if they did come at chapter 3 LOL!

  5. Found this story recd of international house of fanfiction. Looking forward to reading more, thanks


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