Thursday, August 20, 2015

Grim and Darling - Prologue


The first time I died, I was fourteen.

I don’t mean literally.

It’s not like they pumped me full of formaldehyde. Not like they put me in my one good dress, the blue one with the lace around the hem and the patched-up hole under the armpit. It’s not like they curled my hair or slathered me in makeup or finally pierced my ears.

I didn’t get the velvet-lined coffin. I didn’t get the headstone. 

I didn’t get the maggots.

This death, the figurative kind, was worse than all of that.

There’s nothing quite like becoming the town ghost, especially when you’re still alive.

The second time I died, I was seventeen.

And it was for real.


Author Note: 

As ever, I am eternally in love with Hadley Hemingway. She is my sun, moon, and stars.

I have a seven month old baby, which means I have no schedule.

That said - Chapter One posts tomorrow. 

Love you,